Praefatio – i.e. the latin formula of opening public activity

Who am I? I am a lecturer and a lover of Mediterranean culture. I am a books “eater” and, for what I admit with difficulty, I secretly love watching culinary programmes even though I don’t cook. But my real passion and the place where my heart belongs to are horses. Since I remember, they were always the subject of my countless photographs, graphics, sketches, drawings and paintings. I think I was born with that as I don’t remember that very first moment when I started to look at these magnificent animals with continues unabated enthusiasm. In these circumstances there is nothing else for me to say apart from repeating after Plato that all this was “brought to birth in the soul on a sudden, as light that is kindled by a leaping spark, and thereafter it nourishes itself. …”(Letters, 341 d).

In other words, I am so pleased to welcome You!